iPro Academy Review and Bonus

What does a steak and online business have in common? Both are very satisfying when done correctly, but only one can make you rich. Find out if iPro Academy is the correct recipe to create your online wealth in the review below. (I talk about steaks as well)

Official Site: www.GoiProAcademy.com

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no-bs-reviewIs iPro Academy 2.0 Right For You?

The only person that can truly answer this question is YOU. I decided to write this review to give you an insight into the course as well as my own experience with it. This will help you decide if iPro Academy is right for you.

However, before you begin let me make something clear. iPro Academy is NOT one of those magical “push button” solutions or “get rich quick” scams with outrageous claims and no proof.

I’ve personal wasted way too much time and money on bogus products to now waste YOUR time with them. So if you’re looking for another $19 or $27 products that requires at least 3 upsells this review and most likely iPro Academy is not for you.

On the other hand if you’re tired of jumping on the latest trends, loophole or exploits that keep subtracting zeros from your bank account instead of adding them, than this might be just for you.

Great-Job-You-Rock-Kid-PictureYou still reading?

Good, that means you’re not a tire kicker and actually serious about creating an online wealth.  Which is almost CERTAIN if you follow the correct strategy.

A good strategy is like recipe that tells you step by step what to do and how to do it. This takes out all the guess-work so you can focus on the end goal of earning commissions.

The problem with most systems out there is that they give you only a part of the recipe. For example a course might tell you how to build a website, but fail to mention how to get visitors to the page and turn them into sales.  Or maybe they teach you how to get traffic but leave out the part where to send that traffic or even market research.

Think of it as cooking a perfect steak, or any other piece of meat you like.

  • seakFirst you have to select the right cut, or in marketing terms a niche/market.
  • Then you have to prepare the meat before cooking it. This is similar to creating a website/ business.
  • Now it is time to cook it. Or where you send visitors to your site .

Now if you follow the recipe correctly you should end up with delicious steak or a profitable online business. However, what would happen if you neglected or skipped any of the steps? It simply wouldn’t work, or at least not as well as it should.

So it is important to have the full recipe and not only parts of it when creating an online business. Which is the case with iPro Academy by Fred Lam as inside it you get detailed recipe on how to:

  • Find market/niche that is right for and has money in it.
  • Create website/business that you can be proud of and one that converts really well.
  • Drive high quality traffic (iPro Academy has over 11 traffic sources and growing)

Just imagine what having an exact recipe to create a 7 or 8 figure business could do to you.  I’m talking about financial freedom at its best.  However, before you do anything. Here are the 5 things you most remember if you want to succeed online:

  1. Take Action – Every success story started with that one single action. Can you take yours now?
  2. Believe In Yourself – Nothing kills success faster than doubt. If you can’t get rid of it, just ease your mind with the 30 day money back guaranteed.
  3. Be Hungry For Success – If you want it bad enough, it will happen. All you need is the right tool.
  4. Do The Work – iPro Academy doesn’t require 8 or even 4 hours a day to work. However, you need to spend at least an hour a day with it. (This includes training and creating campaigns)
  5. Get the Traffic Flowing – Don’t be afraid to start. Choose one of the methods in the course or my bonus and make it rain.

That’s it! If you just remember and follow those 5 things with iPro Academy you’ll soon be one of the online SUCCESS stories. In fact, if you’re not profitable within two weeks I’ll personally help you and create a traffic campaign out of my own pocket.  So what are you waiting for?

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How Much Can You Profit With iPro Academy 2.0?

That’s is the Million Dollar question, or $100,000 one? Let’s review what is possible with iPro.

ROISo how do you get to $10,000/month the quickest? By promoting either affiliate products or CPC offers. These could range from lead generation, trial offers, information or physical products. The key is to pick the right niche and product, which Fred Lam goes over in detail inside Module 2.

So let’s say ou’re into wood working and an affiliate product you would promote is Tedswoodworking, one of the highest converting products on Clickbank with average sale of $59.14.

Now if you watched the last training by Fred Lam, you saw how he is able to achieve 1000% ROI with Google time after time. In fact, Fred even talked about his 2233.33% ROI campaign, where he’s making $70 for every investment of $3.

However, let’s bring that down and say you will start 500% ROI. Which is reasonable considering most student get above that. With that ROI you would only need to sell around 6 Tedswoodworking system per day to earn over 100k per year. At 7 per day it would be over $130,000 or over $10,000 per month.

Now that is only from one site, using one method at 500% ROI. At 1000% ROI these would double to $20k per month and over $240,000 per year.

Do you see the potential iProAcademy has? Go to www.GoiProAcademy.com if you do.

Inside The iPro Academy Course

ipro academy 2.0 members area

So what do you get with the course? You get Fred Lam’s 10 years experience of building multiple 8-figure businesses, coaching hundreds of students to do the same, and helping some of the biggest names in the industry to get traffic like Anik  Singal and Jimmy Kim.  You can really see Fred poured his heart and soul into the iPro Academy 2.0, so let’s breakdown the entire course.

Part 1: Video Training Modules + Text

The course includes 11 modules that includes detailed videos, texts and other resources to make it as simple as possible. This is where it all starts/

Module 1: Learning The Fundamentals -As the name suggests, here Fred teaches you about the basis of internet marketing and how it works.

This includes the IM language or lingo, what advertising method will be right for you, and the 3 formulas that will save you a tons of money.

Module 2: Creating Your Own WebsiteIn this module Fred will help you decide on your niche, what to promote and step-by-step process of creating your website.

If you get iPro Academy using any of my links I’ll do the website and SEO (another great traffic pillars) for you.  Or you can use the outsourcing resources that Fred mentions.

Module 3: Understanding Sales FunnelsDo you know the difference between direct linking, opt-in funnels, presell funnelsm review funnels and every other type of funnels? Neither did I, but Fred goes over each one that explains where and how to use it.

Module 4: Facebook Advertising – This is a massive module that covers the complete A to Z guide on Facebook advertising. It includes everything from how to get your ads approved 100% of the time to scaling big and remarketing.

One of my favorite parts was the understanding ad type and objectives training. In which Fred takes apart different forms of advertising on FB, including boost post, video views, dark posts, leads ads and many more, to create a perfect campaign for each one.

In my opinion this module is worth it alone.

Module 5: Google AdWords AdvertisingIs Google the still the king of Traffic? It definitely has the highest quality traffic both paid and organic (you’ll get organic from my bonus for free).

This module, similarly to the FB one goes into great detail on the mentality and particular action to assure your success.

On top of that Fred shares probably one of the biggest traffic secrets ever in something he calls Goldmine Within Google. Honestly, after watching the 37 minute video it gave me goosebumps. It is that powerful.

Module 6: Bing AdvertisingAnother tier 1 platform that you can get quality traffic from for the fraction of the cost if you use iPro Academy method.

Module 7: Penny-Click MasterThis modula focuses on highly targeted but inexpensive clicks with in-text advertising.

Module 8: Zero Up Business Model – Did you ever wanted to start your own eCom business? Fred Lam goes over it in detail inside this module that includes 10 sub-modules.

Module 9: Instagram AdInstagram is considering one of the fastest growing social network, and most used by people under 25. That is a big online demographics that you might want to target.

Module 10: Email Traffic Master – Learn the ins and outs of email marketing, and find out how you can make 4x as much if you implement it.

Module 11: Gmail Sponsor Ads: We all know Fred is a master at advetristingw ith Google, but did you know have your ads show up in gmail for a lot less?

On top of that you get

Bonus Training that includes Direct Media buying and Penny Traffic Thief

Live Weekly Training – weekly webinars with Fred Lam and his coaches.  You’ll have the ability to not only learn the best strategies and tips as they happen but ask Fred Lam anything and everything.

Step By Step Assignment – One of my favorite parts of iPro Academy. Here you’ll be building the basis for a business in small chunks with simple to follow instructions. This works great because you don’t get overwhelmed like in other courses.

Live Case Studies – Watch Fred Lam build a campaign worth $50,000 live. Plus many others as they happen.

Traffic in 24 Hours or Less – Need traffic now? Fred got you covered with some best strategies for fast and inexpensive traffic.

Facebook Group – Learn from others and share your own experience in a exclusive FB group. This is a a great way to break the ice into network marketing and building relationships with like minded people.

Click Here to GoiProAcademy.com and get started

My Inside iPro Academy Bonus

Orange Web Traffic Button on Computer Keyboard. Web Development Concept.

Now I’m serious about helping anyone that buys iPro Academy 2.0 using any of the link on this site. That is why I put together a killer bonus that guarantees you will never ran out of both paid and most importantly free traffic.

You see, getting SEO ranking after learning the correct way to build a website/business is a breeze. That is why it is important to not skip this traffic pillar. Here is the full list of my bonuses.

Bonus 1: Unlimited Free Traffic – How would like to get up to 300 visitors per day with 5 to 10 minutes of work for free? I mastered a method to do just that. Value $599

Bonus 2: Piggyback Traffic – This is probably one of the best kept secrets of traffic generation. With just $5 to $10  you can get unlimited amount of highly targeted traffic every month. Value $799

Bonus 3: My Personal SEO Strategy – With my SEO strategy you can start ranking website you create with iPro Academy in days. The power strategy allows you do get organic traffic, authority and trust from Google for free.. Value $1,999

Bonus 4: Done For You SEO – You probably found review by searching an iPro Academy related term, right? What if I told you, that with this bonus I’ll do all the SEO on your site out of my own pocket. This is very limited so grab the course using the link above now. Value $2,999+

opportunityAre you Ready To Start Earning With iProAcademy.com?

Can you really put a price one either personal or financial freedom? It seems that many people can, and in fact do it everyday. Always afraid to take action and brush away any opportunities that present themselves. Do you want to be one of those people?

Then take charge of your future and make it happen. With the 30 day money back guaranteed, you have nothing to lose, and your everything you ever wanted to gain. The question that remains: Are willing to spend at least an hour a day to achieve it?

The time to decide is now, this is your last chances to get both iPro Academy and my bonuses before it is gone.  Click below to buy it now.




8 thoughts on “iPro Academy Review and Bonus”

  1. thanx for all your help! i was nervous before finally deciding this is the time to make a difference. so far it is looking great

  2. Hi Derek
    I have joined so many of these I’ll show you everything- that spend too much money on things and still havent made any money as yet
    Do any of his vidoes show me where he clicks his mouse so a newbie can learn how to insert affiliate links and join all of this stuff up so I can actually complete a funnel and sell something for a change?/ or is it all PDF??


    1. Hi Anna,

      I know how you feel. I also bought plenty of PDFs and eBooks that were just a waste of time and money. So don’t worry, it gets better.

      As to answer your question, Yes iPro Academy has videos that show you exactly what to do and where. For example inside one of the videos in Module 2 titled “Creating Your Website” Fred goes over where and how to add offers and affiliate links. And as far as funnels go, Fred covers 6 types of funnels in the 3 Module in over-the-shoulder style videos.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!


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