Chatmatic Review or How to Automate Social Interactions and get Leads

Do you ever feel like there is much more to online business then gurus let on? ChatMatic just might be the answer you are looking for

So What is ChatMatic?

Now I’ll be honest, I’m still testing out this new APP by Travis Stephenson and my full review will most be ready by March 20th, 2017 when ChatMatic officially launches.

However, below you can find full DEMO video of the software by Travis Stephenson, my first impressions and how I plan to use it in my business.

Review of ChatMatic: First Impression

chatmaticWhen I first saw Chat Matic my initial thought was that it will take care of a good chunk of my work. After all, isn’t that what automation tools are all about?

However, once started using it my experience totally changed. Don’t get me wrong, it still a great automation tool that will save you time and money, but it also does so much more.

What struck me the most is how simple it is to interact with a prospect using Chatmatic. Which is one of the key elements of being profitable online. Most gurus don’t mention this because they have a whole team working or simply ignore this fact.

This is a costly mistake as interaction between you and a potential lead or customer is the only thing that will separate you from thousands of other faceless marketers. It builds a report of trust and authority. I know, it is the main reason why I’m able to compete with some of the biggest names in my niches without having a whole team working for me.

For example a standard conversion rate is about 1% to 2% on average.  That is 1 or 2 sales for every 100 visitors you get if you’re lucky. With proper interaction you can raise that to 10% or even 20% with time. Meaning you will only need 10 visitors to make as much as the guys that has 100.

Which is great, so what’s the problem? Many new marketers don’t want to interact with people, at least at the beginning, for various reasons. And without the experience or money to hire someone to do it for you this option is left out.

This is that makes Chatmatic really stand out. As it is not only a tool for people running an online business that want to free up time and money buy using automation. But also for people just starting out that want make the most amount of leads and sales without any extra work.

If you fall in either of those two categories, come back on March 20th for full review.

Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club Review – Secrets and Bonus

What makes Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club stand out from other online systems? For one, you actually get he access to both the system and the person behind it. That means direct access to Jeff Johnson

Creator: Jeff Johnson
Official Site:

Why Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club?

You, like most of us, are probably getting bombarded online promos, courses and system every single day. In fact, you can probably check your email right now and see at least 10 different products promoted in the past week, or maybe a day?

emailIt’s hard to navigate through all of that crap. The simple proof of that is the fact that my Gmail accounts has over 38k of unopened emails. Do I need to say more?

So what is about Coaching Club by Jeff Johnson that sets it apart. Unlike most systems out there that show you a quick method or a loophole and they leave you to figure out the rest, Jeff goes 2 steps further.

jeff johnson'sFirst, he only teaches things that has worked for years and will work for years to come. That means traffic from Google, Facebook, Youtube and other Tier 1 traffic. None of “secret traffic sources” that end up being stolen or automated traffic.

Second, inside the coaching club you get access to Jeff Johnson, his staff and other people inside the club. This can be done on live calls, webinars, forums, and direct access. With that said let’s see what it is all about

Overview of Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club

jeff johnson coaching club

Jeff Johnson divided the course into 6 main modules. Each module deal with a different aspect of a business or strategy.

So it is almost like getting 6 courses in one. Let’s go over each one in more details and see it now.

  1.  Supercharging Your Lead-Magnets – I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t sure about this module. However, now I think it is a great way to start because if you’re new to online business it will help you build the right foundation to start your business. On the other hand if you’re already have way to generate leads this will increase your conversion up to 478%.
  2. Building A Bigger List, Faster –  building a list is one of the most important parts of an online business. But I, like many marketers, often skip this one as we want sales and leads, right?  Well, leads lead into sale and with Jeff’s 13 Rules For  Designing The Perfect Opt-in Page as well as his fill in the blanks templates, its not that bad. In fact, Jeff takes it a step further and shows you how to fully-automate the process to build your list 24/7.
  3. Turing Your List Into Money – Here you learn Jeff’s “Phase 4” method for writing emails.  This includes the 72 hour countdown to cash flow that will get you a cash flow straight away. It also includes pre-written email templates.
  4. Traffic-Getting Quick Start – Method of getting traffic that includes Facebook, Google and YouTube. I especially like Google methods as it has been the number 1 source of traffic for me.
  5. Instant Affiliate Traffic – I really liked this method as with affiliate traffic you get highly targeted traffic at no upfront cost. I still didn’t use this as much as I would like, but I can see how it would really be a 6 or 7 figure business.
  6. Grabbing Free List-Building Traffic From YouTube – I personally have ignored video marketing for a long time. However, seeing how you can shoot a quick video or pay someone $5 to do it for you there is no more excuses. In fact, I saw a huge growth in leads and sales once I started using videos.
Jeff Johnson’s Bonuses and Extras

jeff-johnsonOn top of the modules you also get

  • Direct Access to Jeff Johnson
  • Ongoing live Q&A sessions, Webinars and introduction to new training.
  • Case-Studies of Jeff and his students
  • Private Forum entry

Now what about those 8 traffic blogs that I mentioned before? Well, that is only for the people that buy the Platinum Group which costs above $5,000. However, Jeff has agreed to sell it for $999 for one more day.

So you’re getting the entire course and 8 websites, that includes hosting, custom designs, content from 100% US based college educated writers and  backlinks from SEO specialists. This alone would run you $5,000 to $10,000 per site.

On top of that Platinum Group gets you

  • 4 additional weeks of gaily personal coaching
  • Private One-On-One phone call with Jeff Johnson
  • More list building strategies for specific niches.

coaching clubWhat Is Your Why?

One of the things I noticed that separate people that have success online from the people that don’t is their “Why.” Why do you want to create an online business?

Is it for the money? The freedom? Being able to quit your day job? Feel like a winner? Or simply provide a better life for yourself and your loved ones?  Your “why” is you own, however to make anything work you need to want it bad.

So whichever the reason might be, just make sure you believe in it. Online products will not get you anywhere without your “why” but a good one will make the path easy and quick as possible. Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club is difiently one of the products.

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Tube Traffic Secrets Review – What Does 2017 Edition Hold?

Discover just how Tube Traffic Secrets by Jeff Johnson obtain you unrestricted website traffic from YouTube. review below will certainly reveal you just how.

Designer: Jeff Johnson
Authorities Website:
Website traffic From YouTube?

Did you understand that this implies it obtain 900 million sees each month. Think of obtaining in front of those numbers.

tube-traffic-secretsNut simply envision if you can obtain 0.01% of those check outs. That would certainly implies 90,000 brows through each month.

If you’re understand just what you’re doing, as you could see obtaining 0.01% or also 0.001 youtube website traffic indicates severe money. Simply think of obtaining 900 sales in a month on a $47 item. That mores than 42k in payments.

Jeff Johnson’s Tube Traffic Secrets

This is all feasible with TTS by Jeff Johnson. The supreme youtube website traffic wizard that is launching his master program on the website traffic tricks of youtube. This you definitly do not wish to miss out on as it will certainly blow up in the future.

If you do not make use of YouTube as your primary website traffic resource think about including it today, also It will certainly not just boost your sight and also payments, yet additionally interaction as video clip are even more most likely to be shared and also spoken about on social networks compared to other layout.

He lastly shares all of his tricks as well as you’re might be one of the couple of fortunate to see it. If you’re not all set to make commissiosn while you rest you must stroll away currently.

2017 Edition Tube Traffic Secrets Bonus

In all justness, this lacks an uncertainty the common setup YouTube training course for 2017. After it, it will certainly simply be sound.

Did you recognize that this implies it obtain 900 million sees each month. Nut simply visualize if you might obtain 0.01% of those brows through. As you could see obtaining 0.01% or also 0.001 youtube web traffic implies significant money if you’re recognize exactly what you’re doing. Simply envision obtaining 900 sales in a month on a $47 item. The best youtube website traffic brilliant that is launching his master training course on the web traffic keys of youtube.

Exactly what are you still waiting for? Get hold of Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition today.